Allen Fisher's Singularity Stereo

From Barque Press in Cambridge, England, comes Allen Fisher’s latest , Singularity Stereo. This chapbook contains extracts from Leans, the third and final volume of Fisher’s long work Gravity as a Consequence of Shape. (Volume 1, Gravity, is still available from Salt; volume 2, Entanglement, is still available from The Gig. Recordings from Gravity as a Consequence of Shape are available from STEM and also on websites such as Pennsound and Archive of the Now).

Here is the opening stanza of “Snake Hips”:

Sleep stolen
obstructive ap
low serotonin
diagnosed in just
ten minutes
different trajectories
made real sustained
relationships with more than
collapsed boundary
she gardens, reads, works
on languages
one thing after
another basket
of currents
He begins to realise
garden and perception
must be metaphorical for
spacetime with contextual growths
abundantly complexed
in her gaze
unalleviated consciousness
of negativity holds
to what better in endurance
before erasure of distinction’s
necessity to destabilise.
Sick with love
eternity becomes truth
a fabric of conventions
gift and trap
as constellations.

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