"18. Labor/Kada" Video

Here’s an extract from the video Nicole Peyrafitte shot at my reading here in Albany yesterday, with Munir Beken on oud. I read 10 poems from the “Meditations on the 40 stations of Mansour al-Hallaj” and this is number 18, “Labor/Kada.”

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  1. bodieswithoutorgans says:

    j’e regrets our bodies in attendance present could not attend. tape a youtube merci. on other note, not poetes enough have read and absorbed your ideas in Nomadic text. too bad as its missing the boat for they as many whine to old way of nostaglia missing the energy wave you point t’a an d suggest indeeding the words hung by dem in subjectvist literalist self idiolects of pity and otherwise. more anone. blog to come. molecule to go come . yers alway place to at. alors.

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