mottram   # 1  : september 1998


gathering (some of) the papers given at the

First Annual Conference in Memoriam Eric Mottram

London 19 September 1997

t . o . c

papers from the first eric mottram conference

Jerome Rothenberg: "The Poetics and Ethnopoetics of the Book & Writing"

Pierre Joris: "Collage & Post-Collage: in Honor of Eric Mottram"

Keith Tuma: "What Not To Make of Eric Mottram: Some Questions and Remarks
                         Concerning British and American Poetry Now."

Allen Fisher: "Æsthetics and Ethics: An Aspect of Eric Mottram's 1974 Kent Journal."

Jeff Nuttall: "The Degradation of Awareness."

Lisa Raphals: "Stratagem and Destiny: A Question of Manoeuvring Room."

Dale Carter: "The Tartarus of Maids: An American Studies Folding Room."

Bill Griffiths: "Update on the Eric Mottram Archive at King's College."

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