The desire to do a blog has been with me for some time now. The time to do so not, however. Now, with a sabbatical in front of me, that time may have arrived. We’ll see: no promises. This is an essay, literally, a try. Some of what went into the notebooks to emerge — maybe, at times, much later or never, much altered or not — will now go here, public, instanter.

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3 Responses

  1. Jehza says:

    Very happy to see you taking the step, Pierre. Welcome to blogland. I’m sure you’ll outdo us all in just a short while.

    I look forward to reading.

    Jeremy Hawkins

  2. Andrew says:

    Yes, welcome, Pierre. A blog is a blog is a blog – no big thing. Some people seem to stress about it but I see it just as a neat notepad to write people messages and post my little pics, to share news of competitions and opportunities, and to post poems by myself and others. I’m looking forward to reading your posts … Andrew

  3. alahoff says:

    Hello Pierre! So glad you decided to do this. I have several blogs, and coincidentally, a new one on blogspot. http://www.amilahoff.blogspot.com

    Not much there yet, but keep checking in, and let Nicole know.

    Sarah says “hello.” We are making dinner together and thinking we should all get together soon.


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