The Alice Notley Constellation

This Saturday morning was blissfully spent reading & listening & roaming the Alice Notley Constellation, which started with a symposium back in May 2008 at Birbeck College’s Contemporary Research Center and went nova with the addition of blogs & videos. Don’t miss this superb celebration of one of our very best poet’s work:

— a range of videos of Alice reading can be found on the Openned website, here.

— a range of writings by and on Notley can be found on Intercapillary Space, here. The TOC is worth reproducing in toto:


[#] Carol Watts and Edmund Hardy: Introduction

In The Pines

[#] John Hall: Beginning to read Alice Notley’s In the Pines

[#] Steve Willey: The Sounds of the Pines

[#] Catherine Wagner: On ‘In The Pines’

[#] Michael Peverett: Alice Notley, “In Forgetting”

[#] Pansy-Maurer-Alvarez: This Plot, This Place

[#] Elizabeth James: ‘Our violent times’: reading notes

[#] David Kennedy: This Is Not Poetry #27

From 165 Meeting House Lane to Margaret & Dusty and after

[#] Lisa Samuels: Words for Alice Notley

[#] Ian Davidson: Bodies, near and far: Alice Notley

[#] Sophie Robinson: ‘Incidentals in the Day World’

[#] Susana Gardner: “Alice ordered me to be made”: As deconstruction of hearts or,- a hand of broken sonnets

[#] Steven Waling: Alice Notley’s ‘January’: An Appreciation

[#] Lynne Hjelmgaard: Notes on Alice Notley’s ‘Desert For All Of Music To Take Place’

[#] Elizabeth Bryant: A response to Alice Notley’s ‘Sweetheart’

[#] Dana Ward: That Alice Notley & Jay-Z & Dana Would Speak Through The Imperfect Media of Dana

Mysteries of Small Houses

[#] Carol Watts: On ‘Would Want to Be in My Wildlife’

[#] Jon Clay: Alice Notley’s ‘A Baby Is Born Out of a White Owl’s Forehead – 1972’

[#] Peter Middleton: “101” from Mysteries of Small Houses

[#] Amy Hollowell: After Alice Notley’s “1992,” from Mysteries of Small Houses

[#] Jen Currin: After “Remember What I Came Here to Do to This World Very Little Actually”

[#] Sarah Hopkins: Response to Alice Notley’s ‘Lady Poverty’

[#] Elizabeth Treadwell: After ‘Beginning with a Stain’

The Descent of Alette

[#] Caroline Bergvall: Alette in the Subway

[#] Zoë Skoulding: Notes on ‘A red-lined map’: The Descent of Alette

[#] Piers Hugill: Materials for a reading of ‘“I stood waiting”’ from The Descent of Alette

[#] Melissa Flores–Bórquez: Notley, Monteverdi & Infinite Negativity

[#] Claudia Keelan: Poet of Prophecy: Our Anti-Saint Alice Notley

Alma, or the Dead Women

[#] Ralph Hawkins: ‘Radical Feminist’ from Alma, or The Dead Women

[#] Tim Allen: and if it’s its it’s true: Some thoughts on Alma, or The Dead Women by Alice Notley

[#] Jennifer Cooke: Alice Notley’s ‘Decomposition’

From the Beginning

[#] Edmund Hardy: Alice Notley’s From the Beginning: To a poem’s unreason

Above the Leaders

[#] Stephen Mooney: On Above the Leaders

[#] William Rowe: Alice Notley: A Poem from Above the Leaders

Negativity’s Kiss

[#] Redell
Olsen: 3 Selections from “Negativity’s Kiss” by Alice Notley

[#] Alice Notley: Ten poems from Negativity’s Kiss

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