Re: Tunisia

The letter below was sent by Emna Zghal (Tunisian artist living here in NYC) to Ammiel Alcalay — both thought it contained useful info that would be good to publish more widely via NOMADICS. So here we go: Dear Ammiel, It’s amazing amazing amazing! The most enlightened person on Tunisia very early on is Brian Whitaker, and besides his Guardian column he runs a blog I just read … Read more Re: Tunisia

Hédi Jaouad on Events in Tunisia

Here is an interview Tunisian writer Hédi Jaouad gave to the Times Union newspaper a few days back. Indeed, what is happening in Tunisia is one of the most positive developments in the Arab world in a long, long time. As Hédi says: “Something good could come out of this” — even if this morning, the majority of the few opposition politicians who were drafted into the interim government … Read more Hédi Jaouad on Events in Tunisia