Celan, Peyrafitte, Howe, Meyer.

With the serialization of The Malady of Islam taking up all weekdays (& will do for another couple of weeks), I’ll use Saturday’s post to list other items/events of interest. 1) A Review of Breathturn into Timestead in The Arts Fuse: Fuse Poetry Review: “Breathturn into Timestead” — A Magnificent Guide to the Enigmatic Poetry of Paul Celan Feb 25 2015  Once you have wrestled with Paul Celan, not against but … Read more Celan, Peyrafitte, Howe, Meyer.

Robert Kelly on New Gilgamesh & Beowulf Translations

TENSIONS Robert Kelly  A note on two newly published translations I’m anxious to let the world know about: Stuart Kendall, Gilgamesh. New York, Contra Mundum, 2012 Thomas Meyer, Beowulf, a translation. Brooklyn, Punctum Books, 2012. Where does the tension come from that runs the poem? What’s missing in almost all translations of the old stuff (the classics, the canon, that fleet of inscrutable foreign vessels lined up, sailing in … Read more Robert Kelly on New Gilgamesh & Beowulf Translations