Rachida Madani’s New York Reading

Here’s a short video by Antonia Massa of Rachida Madani’s 16 April reading at Silvana in Harlem. (I hope to have a longer version of the reading up next week). Below the compte-rendu of the reading by Anonia Massa that just appeared in Voices of New York. The legend of One Thousand and One Nights has captured the imaginations of poets and authors for centuries, inspiring countless revisions, retellings … Read more Rachida Madani’s New York Reading

Rachida Madani: “Walk through the Ruins”

In preview of Rachida Madani‘s reading tonight at 6:30 at Silvana 300 W 116th street in New York, here is a poem I just translated for the event from her collection Femme je suis / Woman I am. Walk through the ruins that wreck us and tell yourself that we’re camping in a crumbling of stones even if no denunciation transfers from the sand to accumulate dune upon dune      storm … Read more Rachida Madani: “Walk through the Ruins”

Rachida Madani in Jadaliyya

Check out the excellent poems by Moroccan poet Rachida Madani as translated by Marilyn Hacker & just published by Jadaliyya. The first one is reproduced below; read the others here.   TALES OF A SEVERED HEAD Rachida Madani Translated by Marilyn Hacker   The First Tale I What city and what night since it’s night in the city when a woman and a train-station argue over the same half of a man who is … Read more Rachida Madani in Jadaliyya