Tag: Prehistoric Art

  • Two Texts by Clayton Eshleman: (1) Orpheus in Lascaux

    ORPHEUS IN LASCAUX The Lascaux Pit’s visionary scene is much more formidable & larger than I had anticipated before climbing down a narrow 16 foot ladder to it in May 1997. Around 6 and a half feet in length the scene possesses its wall space with black, aggressive, calligraphic strokes. In reproductions it often appears cramped,with a bird-headed […]

  • Lascaux Keeps going Down the Drain

    This is not new news & yet, unhappily, it is news that stays news in that nothing is being done about it — as Clayton Eshleman reminded me just a few days ago. Back in 2006, Time ran a cover story (see pix above — & you can read the story on the site given […]