Misleading appeal just sent by NYPL

PLEASE FORWARD WIDELY! The NYPL has just sent out their annual email asking that people sign a letter to the Mayor  asking him to support the library system.  Buried in the middle of this letter is a misleadingly-worded pledge of support for the Central LIbrary Plan that would demolish the research stacks in the 42nd Street Library, send 1.5 million books to New Jersey, and sell the Mid-Manhattan LIbrary. … Read more Misleading appeal just sent by NYPL

David Levering Lewis on NYPL

I received the following open letter from David Levering Lewis yesterday, & think it worthwhile reposting it here. The New York Public Library reconstruction plans are really now being shown as what they are  at bottom: a real estate scam. Time to take action: Dear Friend, On May 1, 2012, some seven hundred well-known scholars, writers, researchers, and teachers, alarmed by a plan for radical redesign of the interior … Read more David Levering Lewis on NYPL