Anthropocene: the Shortest Geological Epoch?

Interesting speculations in this week’s New Scientist cocnerning what Earth will look like after we are through with it (& it with us, of course). Below, the opening paragraphs of Bob Holmes’ piece. You can read the full article here. Post-human Earth: How the planet will recover from us WHEN Nobel prize-winning atmospheric chemist Paul Crutzen coined the word Anthropocene around 10 years ago, he gave birth to a … Read more Anthropocene: the Shortest Geological Epoch?

The Medea Hypothesis

This week’s New Scientist leads with an interesting piece that is critical of the well-known “Gaia hypothesis” & proposes that life may not be a self-correcting positive feed back system at all. Below the opening paragraphs, or read full article. 17 June 2009 by Peter Ward THE twin Viking landers that defied the odds to land on Mars in 1976 and 1977 had one primary goal: to find life. … Read more The Medea Hypothesis

Climate Crunch Warning: Arctic Meltdown

The current issue of The New Scientist  has a rather stark editorial on global warming, and especially on arctic meltdown, of which I am reprinting the opening paragraphs below (You can read the full article here. Very worthwhile reading & pondering — & acting on or pushing towards action. Maybe our new administration will actually take some real steps towards remedying (if that’s still a possibility) this catastrophic situation. Editorial: Climate crunch … Read more Climate Crunch Warning: Arctic Meltdown