Translation Problems

Not long ago I chastised Paul Muldoon for his bad translation of one Aimé Césaire poem in the New Yorker. In connection to that post, old friend Paul Buck in England send me a e-piece (that only reached me today in its printed version) that takes a more serious mistranslation to task — & does so in great depth while giving a needed historical introduction to the book and … Read more Translation Problems

Mearsheimer on Charles Freeman

To stay with Israel/Palestine matters: back here in the good old USA it looks very much as if Obama’s policies in regard to Palestine are & will remain the same old AIPAC-directed blind pro-Israel stuff. In the current London Review of Books, John Mearsheimer publishes an excellent analysis of the Freeman debacle, but he also has some sense that the AIPAC front my be ever so slightly breached — … Read more Mearsheimer on Charles Freeman