Hélène Cixous’s Open Letter re UAlbany LLC

November 29, 2010 Open Letter to : George Philip, President University at Albany-SUNY Dear President Philip, In April 2007 I visited the University at Albany, extremely happy to have been invited by Professor David Wills to participate in a conference organized around my work. I had the distinct impression that the university was an institution focused on intelligence and culture, a place open toward the future, thriving on new … Read more Hélène Cixous’s Open Letter re UAlbany LLC

Petition for U Albany Languages, Literatures & Cultures Department

It is important for anyone concerned with the future of the Humanities in this country’s Higher Education system to sign the petition expressing  concern and dismay at the decision recently taken up by the president and his advisory board to eliminate French, Russian, and Italian from SUNY Albany’s curriculum. Go here to sign the petition before the 1 November closing date. Thank you!

SUNY Albany Cuts French Department

The email below — a real shocker — was forwarded to me by a friend in Paris, France on Sunday morning. It is true that I hadn’t read the letter the President of SUNY Albany sent out late on Friday afternoon (what timing!?) in great detail, putting it away after the first half dozen paras giving the usual details about the financial problems of the University. But the info … Read more SUNY Albany Cuts French Department