National Book Award for poetry to Keith Waldrop

Last night the National Book Award for poetry  went to: Keith Waldrop Transcendental Studies A Trilogy published by the University of California Press. Details here. Félicitations, Keith! Here, the opening three poems of the first sequence, Shipwreck in Haven: 1 Balancing. Austere. Life- less. I have tried to keep context from claiming you. Without doors. And there are windows. How far, how far into the desert have we come? … Read more National Book Award for poetry to Keith Waldrop

Keith Waldrop @ Poetry Project

Great pleasure last night to catch a rare (at least for me) appearance of Keith Waldrop at the Poetry Project. He is one of the secret treasures — I wanted to say secret masters — of poetry in this country today. ّWell, semi-secret, judging from the large and appreciative audience that had gathered last night — but still, his work should indeed be way better known than it is. … Read more Keith Waldrop @ Poetry Project