Rachida Madani in Jadaliyya

Check out the excellent poems by Moroccan poet Rachida Madani as translated by Marilyn Hacker & just published by Jadaliyya. The first one is reproduced below; read the others here.   TALES OF A SEVERED HEAD Rachida Madani Translated by Marilyn Hacker   The First Tale I What city and what night since it’s night in the city when a woman and a train-station argue over the same half of a man who is … Read more Rachida Madani in Jadaliyya

Sinan Antoon’s Iraq War Diary

Last month, the excellent Jadaliyya site published extracts from poet-writer-translator Sinan Antoon’s Iraq war-time diary entitled A Barbarian in Rome. Below the opening paras: [The following are excerpts from a longer text in the form of a diary kept during the war] “ I have freed millions from barbarism.” George W. Bush, The Guardian, Sunday, June 15, 2008. i. “Are you going home for the holidays?” asked a colleague of mine some years … Read more Sinan Antoon’s Iraq War Diary