Attack on Beloved Gazan Novelist Atef Abu Saif

via ArabLit — Arabic Literature and Translation: On the evening of Monday, March 18, just after 5 p.m., some ten masked, armed men attacked Gazan novelist Atef Abu Saif and his neighbor Abdul Meni’m Jadallah while they were in the garden of Jadallah’s house. According to Haaretz, Abu Saif is in critical condition: It was last night when news of the attack on Atef Abu Saif began circulating among other Palestinian … Read more Attack on Beloved Gazan Novelist Atef Abu Saif

Gaza writers receive death threats from IS

This article via Al Monitor: THE PULSE OF THE MIDDLE EAST by Hana Salah Posted December 5, 2014 Translator(s)Pascale el Khoury GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Mystery still surrounds the presence of the Islamic State (IS) in Gaza. Statements in the name of the radical group threatening or claiming responsibility for previous bombings in Gaza are not enough to prove the existence of active members in the besieged Gaza Strip, though IS’ … Read more Gaza writers receive death threats from IS

Israeli shelling destroys poet Othman Hussein’s Gaza home

Burned books from the collection of Gaza poet Othman Hussein. (Maysoon Hussein) via The Electronic Intifada Submitted by Sarah Irving on Sat, 07/19/2014 – 17:15 The ongoing Israeli onslaught against Palestinians in Gaza has already hit its cultural life with the demolition of the home of artist Raed Issa by an air strike on Tuesday. This has been followed by the destruction of the house of poet Othman Hussein and his family in Rafah … Read more Israeli shelling destroys poet Othman Hussein’s Gaza home

Avnery: Once And For All!

Uri Avnery November 24, 2012  THE MANTRA of this round was Once And For All. “We must put an end to this (the rockets, Hamas, the Palestinians, the Arabs?) Once and For All!” – this cry from the heart was heard dozens of times daily on TV from the harassed inhabitants of Israel’s battered towns and villages in the South. It has displaced the slogan which dominated several decades: … Read more Avnery: Once And For All!

Gaza, Darwish, Memory, Repetition:

Gaza repeats & repeats. Déjà vu all over again but not funny: murderous hellish inferno. I could scream when I hear American liberals, proud to have voted for Obama & with impeccable anti-war credentials, idiotically repeating the Israeli government’s fascizoid Benjamin Netanyahu’s line that the assaults & bombings are justified because “they fired rockets into Israel.” Even if later today a ceasefire were to come into effect, more than a … Read more Gaza, Darwish, Memory, Repetition:

Juan Cole re Wikileaks on Gaza & the US

Wikileaks: Israelis ‘Intend to Keep the Gazan Economy on the Brink of Collapse’ Posted on 01/05/2011 by Juan The Norwegian newspaper Aftenpost has released a March, 2008, US embassy cable describing the Israeli blockade and siege of Occupied Gaza as an attempt to reduce the society to the lowest possible level of functioning without provoking a “humanitarian crisis” (presumably mass starvation). “Israeli officials have confirmed to Embassy officials on … Read more Juan Cole re Wikileaks on Gaza & the US

Gaza: Between the Fence & a Hard Place

Yesterday I was reading the forthcoming translation of Mahmoud Darwish‘s first — 1973 — collection of prose essays on Palestine. This is an extremely moving book, and I will come back to it when it is published in the late fall. In one of the pieces, called “Silence for the Sake of Gaza,” written nearly forty years ago, we read: “It would be unfair to turn Gaza into a … Read more Gaza: Between the Fence & a Hard Place

Alternate News re Israeli Acts of Piracy in International Water

The New York Times (the rag they call the “paper of record”) after 48 hours of holding its journalistic guns has come out blazing away… at the people attacked by Israeli commandos on the high seas in a blatant act of piracy, because, the NYT has “discovered” that the Turkish militants involved with the Free Gaza movement are supposedly not only horrible radical Islamic “fundamentalists” (as is of course … Read more Alternate News re Israeli Acts of Piracy in International Water

Waterless in Gaza

One of many destroyed water wells in Gaza’s border regions. Via the Electronic Intifada, here is the opening section of a reportage on the situation in the Gaza strip. You can read the full article here. Israel bombs Gaza’s agricultural sector to the brink Eva Bartlett, The Electronic Intifada, 15 February 2010 “If we didn’t get the wheat planted today, we would not have had crops this year,” says … Read more Waterless in Gaza