Dante, Sollers, Paradise & A Neologism

Sunday afternoon reading in Philippe Sollers & Josyane Savigneau’s Une conversation infinie which Nicole brought back for me from Paris. Page 18, Sollers speaks of Dante: “In the Divine Comedy, Dante often invents new words; he is in the process of inventing Italian, to which one has to go back in his version of things. A very great love story, The Divine Comedy.Among other things he invents a word … Read more Dante, Sollers, Paradise & A Neologism

Gregor Schoeler on Dante & Arab Literature

Thanks to the always incredibly useful Arab Literature (in English) here is an extract of an interview with translator Gregor Schoeler on Arab literary influences on Dante & the Divine Comedy: Who’s the Heretic Here? BY MLYNXQUALEY on MARCH 16, 2014 • ( 0 ) Translator Gregor Schoeler notes that Abul ʿAla al-Maʿarri’s The Epistle of Forgiveness has been linked to Dante’s Divine Comedy. Yet al-Maʿarri’s description of the hereafter, unlike Dante’s, seems to be shot through with a strong sense of irony.  … Read more Gregor Schoeler on Dante & Arab Literature