Daniel Cohn-Bendit @ European Parliament

At the European Parliament, Cohn-Bendit speaks (unhappily only in French) of the need for the European Community to come clear about Palestine & to back the Palestinians & tell Israel it has to stop its lies, for example “the lie that it wants to negotiate without preconditions, when in fact on the terrain they are changing the conditions continually … tell them to immediately stop the new implantations and … Read more Daniel Cohn-Bendit @ European Parliament

European Enlightenment Possibilities?

Today the FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) brings a conversation between Dietmar Dath, Slavoj Žižek and Daniel Cohn-Bendit. The conversation is entitled “We Europeans have the resource of Enlightenment. [Wir Europäer haben die Ressource der Aufklärung”.] I enjoy the possibility of three intellectuals from different fields (Dath is a novelist, essayist & art editor at the FAZ; Žižek the LLBean — i.e. the Leninist-Lacanian-Mr.Bean — of Europe & beyond; & Cohn-Bendit the iconic … Read more European Enlightenment Possibilities?