Rap Against Rape

“How do you fight back against the brutality and violence of rape culture?” asksGreg Seals on the Daily Dot. And answers: “If you’re anything like artist Uppekha Jain or television host Pankhuri Awasthi, you shout so loud you can’t be ignored.

Only days after the release of the powerful BBC documentary India’s Daughter, these two women came together to shine a light on the reality of India’s rape culture by broadcasting their voices to the world in a powerful, viral video. Dubbing themselves the BomBaebs, the Mumbai-based women penned a searing spoken-word piece, ‘Rap Against Rape.'”

Unhappily Leslee Udwins BBC-Docu “India’s Daughter” can still not be seen outside England. Under pressure from the Indian Government, which is threatening the BBC with legal proceedings, the latter is slowly giving in, the Perlentaucher reports, saying that “a copy of the video circulating on Youtube has now been erased.”  I could not verify this as I found a copy on Youtube, though maybe this refers only to availability in India?


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