Monday Night in Albany NY


at Tess’ Lark Tavern
453 Madison Ave, Albany NY (518) 463-9779

Host: Nicole Peyrafitte

no cover charge-donation suggested

THIS MONDAY January 9th 2006 7PM –we do start on time–
spread the word but first check out this terrific line up:

A “Storydance” by Amy Hallorand & Jack Magai
Amy Halloran is a writer who lives in Troy. Jack Magai is a dancer who lives there, too. Together they will make a storydance – she will write to his dance and he will dance to her narration.

Belle Gironda will present “Another Poetics of Space” a poetry performance piece that explores the movement of information in domestic space and the transformation of information into emotion. Belle is a poet living in Brooklyn and she says: “I have long been interested in, and playing around with, writing that “rethinks” itself, in response to new media. I was one of the editors of The Little Magazine Volume 21, one of the first literary magazine produced in multi-media format. I have given media-enhanced performances in Providence, R.I., Albuquerque, N.M., Karlstaad, Sweden, Newark, New Jersey, Nottingham, U.K., and Albany, NY. My new poetry book, *Frame Works,* is out looking for a publisher.

C. Ryder Cooley
“Songs for a weathervein stormcloud”
Windy spells and stormy chatterings will spin through through the backward wings of time during this epitaph of songs set upon accordion fingers and singing saw tones
C. Ryder Cooley is a multi-disciplinary artist and musician from San Francisco. She is currently a graduate student in combined Media at SUNY, Albany. She performed and recorded with numerous bands and ensembles in SF including: Down River (a gypsy dirge duet), Corner Tour (rag-tag circus folk quartet) and The Darklings (accordion-banjo serenades). She has performed accordion apparitions at fountains and turrets around Tabor, Czech Republic, as well as hovering above and below bridges in Vermont and Massachusetts. As an accordionist, Ryder Cooley is infinitely inspired by fluttering sounds
of hummingbirds and vintage folk music from Eastern Europe. The singing saw is her newest musical endearment. To unearth some earlier recordings please visit

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