John Moritz (1946-2007)

Poet, publisher and friend John Moritz died this past Saturday. Great sadness.

Here is a poem from his book by the same title:


Night falls over abandoned hills, over the brown of grass,
over those places the heart dwells. Those dark waves of inland sea
pitch on the arm of this vast lonliness.
The approach opens in the west. The map of a day gone
across the toss of bluestem hangs over the far slope.
A few scrub cottonwood, hedging the memory of a creek bed,
frame a resistence. In the last length of an orange filtered light,
the filter of sandstone passes through the broken tangle of branch.

More on John & his work, here & here.

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5 Responses

  1. C. S. Giscombe says:

    I knew about John Moritz through Don Byrd and we corresponded briefly in the 1970s. I admired the publishing project Tansy and finally met John in 2001 at a gathering at Lee Chapman’s house in Lawrence. He was holding forth at Lee’s kitchen table and we talked some; he was gruff but warmed up as the evening progressed. Very sorry to hear this news.–Cecil Giscombe

  2. Denise Low says:

    Hi Cecil, and greetings Pierre J:
    Yes, good choice of a poem. I keep seeing John’s face posed in myriad expressions. He filtered little except the exquisite net of his verse. Denise Low

  3. Pebbles says:

    Well said.

  4. John Moritz visited us in 1976 and wrote a beautiful poem for Ken Irby which came out from Coronado Press.

  1. December 16, 2015

    […] What a lovely poem-broadside to rediscover going through my collection now. Irby was very distressed over John Moritz’ death. Moritz (1946-2007) produced beautiful publications of Ken’s work and was a dear friend. More here from Pierre Joris. […]

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