Jim Carroll (gone @ 60)

Jim carroll

Poet & diarist Jim Carroll died past Friday of a heart attack. An obit in the New York Times gives the details of the life, & a lovely piece by Tom Clark on his website, here, cites Carroll on writing. Though I enjoyed the two volumes of “diaries,” I prefer the poems in Living at the Movies, & here’s one of them to counteract the sadness of one more calling it splitsville:


It was summer then

and the forests were legal

the farmers there

use marble eggs as decoys

when those Hawks dive

they reach speeds of up to 200 m.p.h.


at egg

a switchman

a red lantern

in Grand central Station

a jar of honey

in a plain brown bag

I thought

that it was pretty


when he poured it in

God the fathers beard

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  1. Tom Clark says:

    Thanks Pierre. Yes, I’m sure Jim would wish us to counteract the sadness. But ooh, that photo. (Made me remember why I avoid mirrors.)

    Be well, let’s hang this side of the river yet awhile…

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