Chechnya, Turkey, India

This morning’s email announcement from signandsite points to three informative pieces translated into English and published originally in various German-language papers. A rich trove of intelligent journalism that takes you from Chechnya to Turkey to India. Enjoy.

A bridge to Chechnya

One fifth of the population of Chechnya has died in the war there. The
West has played deaf. Studies Without Borders is the initiative of a
few French students to bring Chechen students to Europe to study. A
drop of hope in an ocean of indifference. By Andre and Raphael

Modern and mythless: Turkey today

The country is like a prefabricated building on historic land. With
Turkey’s opening to the West, the question is: What is supplanting the
Islamic mysticism which, for centuries, provided the inspiration for
that country’s music and literature? By Zafer Senocak

Farewell to spice and curry

Once relegated to the minor leagues of the “developing world”, India
is now rising to the status of a leading power – and not only
technologically and economically. Its ongoing social revolution is
reflected in the literary realm as well. Claudia Kramatschek
introduces a new generation of writers, a far cry from the country’s
senior cultural ambassadors of yesteryear.

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