Back up, possibly running

Back at the end of August, just before leaving for Morocco, I bid good-bye for awhile — with the last post being from the Pyrenees. Well, it so happens that I am back in the Pyrenees just before returning to Albany to start teaching again after a sabbatical semester, so what better place to rekindle the log, I mean restart the blog. But no prom ises about daily postings — I will shoot for 2 or 3 weekly sendings.

A good part of the sabbatical was spent in Fez, Morocco, studying Arabic, writing, meeting with Mortoccon poets, translating & working on a new anthology. As I get back into the blog, I will post some translations, notes & photos of the Maghrebian travels & travails, as well as of the week spent in New Orleans in November with Nicole & Miles — which was a deeply moving experience for all of us.

Meanwhile here’s what I did this morning, with my brother-in-law — & the landscape is the same as that of the August photos, except for the snow, & the skis.

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2 Responses

  1. Jehza says:

    Sounds like a productive sabbatical. Look forward to new blog posts, though…

  2. John Sakkis says:

    welcome back and forth pierre…

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