A Pipe of Poe @ 200

Edgar Allen Poe was born 200 years ago today. Happy birthday! A gray, hushed, snowy day outside, revolving lights of a Mohawk ambulance backing up my one-way street, nose to nose with a fire-engine with more silent revolving lights, of a different red hue; some crows — could they be ravens? (I haven’t learned to sort them out)— circling overhead. Ah, time to tap a cask of Amantillado, sit back and check the facts in the case of M. Valdemar, write some purloined blogposts, before continuing the descent into that maelstrom.

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Here, the opening entries 0n the Poe wordlist — interesting poems could be composed using that list — which you can find on the poestories.com website.—

a pipe of
The Portuguese word for barrel is pipa. A pipe is, in fact, a large, lengthy barrel or cask with tapered ends. It’s used for aging and shipping wine.
a priori
Found by deduction. Derived by reasoning from self-evident propositions.
abductor muscle
Any muscle used to pull a body part away from the midline of the body. For example, the abductor muscles of the legs spread the legs away from the midline and away from one another.
John Abernethy was a British surgeon known for being very blunt or even rude to his patients.
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Suspension, temporary inactivity.
about a league
Originally, a league was the distance a person could walk in 1 hour, usually about 3 miles. In English units, during the 19th century, it was most often 3 nautical miles, or 3.45 miles. While the nautical mile is still used today, the league is no longer used to measure distance.

Most people know the term “league” from the title of the book by Jules Verne, “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”. The number in this story refers to the distance travelled by the fictional submarine, not how deep it went. The deepest part of any ocean on earth is just over 7 miles.

Difficult to understand.
To express approval or give consent; give in to a request or demand.
dressed, clothed, outfitted.
Sharp and harsh or unpleasantly pungent in taste or odor.
Keenness and depth of perception. Power to see what is not evident to the average mind.
1. An angle less than 90 degrees, like the angles of a triangle.
2. Characterized by sharpness or severity, such as acute pain.
3. Sensitive physical or intellectual perception, like an acute sense of smell or an acute thinker.
ad libitum
In accordance with desire.
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