Lost Caul: Clayton Eshleman on Lascaux

In a previous post (here) I alerted readers to the disaster at Lascaux, and suggested everyone sign the petition for speedy action to save one of the core sites of earliest human art. If you haven’t done so yet, do it now (here) before or after you read Clayton Eshleman’s essay below. LASCAUX, LOST CAUL The cave of Lascaux, with its 600 paintings and 1500 engravings, is the most … Read more Lost Caul: Clayton Eshleman on Lascaux


Operation Cast Lead *  by Clayton Eshleman [In this piece Clayton Eshleman synthesizes a number of reports on the Gaza atrocities, to create an accurate & horrifying report on what happened when the Israeli army invaded. Given the short historical memory — a true if invisible plague in a country where news is instant sound-bytes with 5-minute shelf lives — even among those who claim liberal or leftist convictions, it is important to … Read more OPERATION CAST LEAD