Alain Resnais (1922 -2014)

Resnais: one of the masters, one of the great formalists who knew that form is only an extension of content (& vice-versa). Never repeated himself. Every movie (even if you didn’t like it, or if it wasn’t your favorite Resnais) a completely realized work of art & specific to its needs & processes. And the filmography is vast from shorts to documentaries to “fiction.” Check it out here. Coming … Read more Alain Resnais (1922 -2014)

Classic Cannes

Quentin Tarantino’s film Inglorious Basterds was presented Wednesday at the Cannes Festival. Here a classic Cannes hoopla shot from Libération’s daily coverage of the occasion: TQ flanked by actresses Melanie Laurent and Diane Kruger, in front of great paparazzi wallpaper (are they photographing the lucky photographer up front or the backs of the trio?). & here Alain Resnais who was there to present  Les herbes folles with Mathieu Amalric, … Read more Classic Cannes