Jacqueline de Romilly (1913-2010)

(”Jacqueline de Romilly chez elle en 2004″, photos Olivier Roller) Jacqueline de Romilly who passed away yesterday at 97, was a magnificent Hellenist & Greek scholar, who collected firsts: the first woman accepted at the Ecole Normale Supérieure, the first woman professor elected to the Collège de France, the first woman elected to the “Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres,” the second woman (after Marguerite Yourcenar) elected to the Académie … Read more Jacqueline de Romilly (1913-2010)

From Germany: “The Foreign Ministry and the Past”

“The Foreign Ministry and the Past. German diplomats in the Third Reich and in the Federal Republic” by an independent historian commission Former Finance Senator Thilo Sarrazin’s bestseller “Germany is abolishing itself. How we are putting our country at risk”. Both published by Random House Below the opening paragraphs of a signandsight article you can read the complete version of by clicking here. Hitler’s diplomats debunked “The Foreign Ministry … Read more From Germany: “The Foreign Ministry and the Past”

Letter from the U Albany French Department

Here the letter Eloise Brière, who has taught for many years in the French Department at the University at Albany, SUNY, sent to Silvia Nagy Zekmi, a former colleague in Spanish, now chair at Villanova University, after she got the devastating news of the imminent retrenchment of her department. It should be noted that there are some 6,123 students enrolled in language courses  through the dept  of LLC. Check … Read more Letter from the U Albany French Department

More on SUNY Albany Retrenchment

The irony of what’s happening in the College of Arts and Sciences at SUNY Albany — the retrenchment of the Language, Literature and Culture Department  —  is obvious if you look at what it says on the University’s logo: “The World Within Reach.”  Below,  extracts from an article by  Scott Jaschik published yesterday in Inside Higher Education. You can read the full article here. The official announcements at the … Read more More on SUNY Albany Retrenchment

Celan, Goethe, Hahneman, Handke and more.

Skimming the Franfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of 10.07.2010 (and then having to buy 2 of the articles for € 2 each — i.e. basically the price of the whole Sunday Times here in NYC) — I came across these bits which may be of interest: — What do a JS Bach receipt for 32 cents (well, groschen) for piano-rental, a batch of letters from Goethe to Legationsrat Falk, a hitherto … Read more Celan, Goethe, Hahneman, Handke and more.

From Amtrack to the Feuilletons

Just returned via the Lake Shore Limited (Amtrack can be & often is excellent) from Chicago to New York.  So here, my way of checking some of the Kulchur news each week, namely the roundup as proposed by signandsight for the past week: From the Feuilletons Henryk Broder explains why being dubbed a “hate preacher” can feel like a compliment. Andrzej Stasiuk visits the bare patch of earth that … Read more From Amtrack to the Feuilletons

Freud for All

Since yesterday, the works of Sigmund Freud have entered the public domain — I am not sure that the publishing world is in a feeding frenzy over here in Anglosaxonia, though in France, Libération made a big spiel about the fact that now there are at least 2 French versions of Totem and Taboo, 3 of Civilization and its Discontents (at least one of which uses “Culture” rather than … Read more Freud for All

Ales Debeljak: In praise of hybridity

Via Eurozine, here is the opening section of an essay on “globalization and the modern western paradigm” by Ales Debeljak, the head of the Center for Cultural and Religious Studies, University of Ljubljana, whose publications include: Dictionary of Silence, The City and the Child, Reluctant modernity : the institution of art and its historical forms, Anxious Moments, Twilight of Idols: The Tragedy of Yugoslavia and Individualism and Literary Metaphors … Read more Ales Debeljak: In praise of hybridity

Jolly Eschatology

Via signandsight, an interview with the authors of a book out only in German so far, but that may be quite worthwhile translating, even if much of its political/cultural aim is German-directed. Any takers? Claus Leggewie and Harald Welzer have written a book about the end of the world as we knew it. They tell Jan Feddersen why. Taz: Herr Leggewie, Herr Welzer, the economy is showing signs of … Read more Jolly Eschatology