Poetry & Cultural Studies: A Reader

On Saturday September 19, Maria Damon & Ira Livingston‘s excellent compilation Poetry and Cultural Studies: A Reader (published by University of Illinois Press) was launched with a reading at Bowery Poetry Club. Genereous to a fault, Maria invited me (who am not a contributor to the book) to take part in the launch reading. Meanwhile PennSound has made the reading available: click here. Below a few photos of the … Read more Poetry & Cultural Studies: A Reader

Douglas Rothschild's Theogony

My favorite book of poems for 2009 so far. And a long time a-coming. But finally here it is: as close as possible to a Douglas Rothschild “Collected.” The pleasure of Theogony starts in the hand: the square format, perfectly suited to the work, and the pleasant, solid, yet casual heft of its 210 pages. The pleasure goes on in the eye: the cover photograph by Drew Gardner (see … Read more Douglas Rothschild's Theogony

Simon Pettet's Hearth

One of my favorite reads for 2009 so far has been Simon Pettet’s Hearth (Talisman House, 2008). What a pleasure to finally have a solid collection that represents something close to a Collected Poems! Pettet is a careful, meticulous poet, wistful and wise — someone who knows that a word well-placed can be worth a thousand pictures. A democratic poet too in that all, high or low culture, is … Read more Simon Pettet's Hearth