Books & Kiefer

Still packing up my books (arrived at letter “G” in the English-language poetry section this morning). Meanwhile, here is a video (with a rather silly jazzy soundtrack) of Anselm Kiefer paintings. There is a gorgeous large book of Kiefer’s painting’s relation with Paul Celan’s work in print — worth looking for. (It’s packed already, so can’t give the reference right now). Have a good Sunday.

Oldest Example of Figurative Art

The press is abuzz today about the aurignacian statuette (6 cm in height) discovered by archeologist Nicholas J. Conard in the “Hohle Fels” dig in the Swabian Alps and dated to between 30 & 40.000 years ago. Most comments refer to her bashfully  as the oldest “fertility symbol,” thus sanitizing the statue’s strong sexual and erotic implications, though Conard is quoted in the New York Times as saying the … Read more Oldest Example of Figurative Art

Images from a Middle East Exhibition

This pictures are from a show currently running at the London Saatchi Geallery under the rather banal title UNVEILED: NEW ART FROM THE MIDDLE EAST. You can check out other artists & more pictures here.