PJ's Reading & Interview on PennSound

PennSound has just posted my Close Listening reading; here is the playbill: Close Listening — readings and conversations at WPS1.OrgClocktower Studio, New York, June 21, 2005 Pierre Joris in conversation with Charles Bernstein (29:21) WPSI ReadingEntire Program (28:13) Singles:1. Returning to These States after a 6 Months Absence (unpublished) (0:22)2. This Afternoon Dante (from Permanent Diaspora, duration press, 2003) (0:45)3. The Word, The Mâwqif (from Permanent Diaspora) (1:50)4. A … Read more PJ's Reading & Interview on PennSound

Scheherazade's French translators

The first translation into French of the 1001 Arabian Nights — that great, scary tale of a woman holding off a power-crazed serial-killer of women with night-long strings of words — came out in 1704. It was done by Antoine Galland — who did, however, more than translate. He put togetehr the book (or at least parts thereof) himself, by inserting a number of stories that had not been … Read more Scheherazade's French translators

Handke & Milošević

What drives as serious & excellent a writer as the Austrian Peter Handke to take — & persist in — political stances that seem so absurdly inept & perverse? For ten years now, Handke has been a staunch defender of the Slobodan Milošević, the Serbian leader now jailed in Scheveningen, Holland, and in the process of being tried at the De Haag Court of Justice for crimes against humanity … Read more Handke & Milošević

Don't know where to spend 4th July? Try London!

Launch of Place by Allen Fisher This major work, long out of print, has been republished in a fine edition by Reality Street. Allen Fisher will read from Place On Monday 4th July at 7.30 pm in Room 629, Birkbeck College, Malet St, London WC1. Robert Hampson and William Rowe.

A query re poetics

In a recent email, Vikas Menon writes: “while i’ve been reading a great deal of poetry, i realized i’ve been sorely negelecting texts on poetics — can you drop me a line when you get a chance on some texts that can act as guideposts to further reading?” I tried to do just that, writing down what quickly came to mind and easily to hand off the shelf. What … Read more A query re poetics

Assia Djebar at the Académie

This past Thursday the “illustrious” French institution known as the Académie Française elected a new member: the Algerian writer and film maker Assia Djebar. The Académie Française is a rather stuffy old institution founded in 1635 by Cardinal Richelieu and ever since charged with the defense of the French language — a job which has led to some hilarious set pieces, such as the attempted excommunication of all anglo-derived … Read more Assia Djebar at the Académie

Dr. Charles Stein Roams Rome

Chuck Stein, poet & philosopher extraordinaire, is in Rome, I learned last night, working with video artist Gary Hill on a major production in that city. He has been sending diaristic posts to Harvey Bialy’s bllog, where you can follow the whole marvellous récit. As Harvey Bialy notes: “On June 11, 2005, Gary Hill presented a multimedia installation/performance, featuring Charles Stein and Paulina Wellensberg-Olsson, in the Roman Coliseum. Dr. … Read more Dr. Charles Stein Roams Rome

Trio Pamplemousse, my words sung by others, continuous peasant

Trio Pamplemousse George Muscatello: GuitarNicole Peyrafitte: VoiceDanny Whelchel: Percussions Trio Pamplemousse investigates musical genres such asJazz standards & French cabaret, as well as contemporary poetry. Thinking back to last Thursday and Trio Pamplemousse’s gig at the Stockade Inn in Schenectady. I first went to Miles’ Little League game (he pitched an excellent 2 relief innings), & thus got to the gig only for the second set, walking into a … Read more Trio Pamplemousse, my words sung by others, continuous peasant

Florence Aubenas & Hussein Hanoun freed

I started this blog with the translation of a poem by Moroccon poet Abdellatif Laâbi for the French journalist Florence Aubenas who, together with her Iraqi guide Hussein Hanoun, had been kidnapped in Baghdad. Yesterday both were finally released after 157 days of detainment, Aubenas being flown back to France while Hussein Hanoun was reunited with his family in Iraq. for full French details go to today’s Libération (the … Read more Florence Aubenas & Hussein Hanoun freed