Syria, Ten Months Later

Today the Syrian revolution enters into its 10th month; 15 December is the 276th day on which blood has flowed.  الثورة السورية دخلت شهرها العاشر اليوم/ 15/12/2011 = هو اليوم الـ 276 الدمويّ  Statistics until 14/12/2011 إحصائيات الضحايا لغاية Syrians killed: + 5,198 Children killed: 332 Injured: +25,000 Missing: + 50,000 Protestors killed under torture: + 177 Protestors currently incarcerated: + 59,000 Syrian refugees since March: + +17,727 ضحايا الثورة … Read more Syria, Ten Months Later

Syrian Poet Aïcha Arnaout Interview

Unhappily I have only a French version & no time right now to translate into English. But here are the opening paragraphs of an interview by Cécile Oumhani with the Syrian poet Aïcha Arnaout. You can read the full interview here. Cécile Oumhani: Entretien avec la poète syrienne Aïcha Arnaout Aïcha Arnaout est une poète syrienne, qui vit à Paris depuis 1978. Elle écrit en français et en arabe et … Read more Syrian Poet Aïcha Arnaout Interview