Toby Litt on Celan's Breathturn

Gratifying to read in the Guardian’s Observer‘s “That’s the best thing we’ve read all year” section the following entry: Toby Litt In February I finally got hold of Paul Celan’s Breathturn (Green Integer Press) as translated by Pierre Joris. Breathturn is the earliest of Celan’s final three books of poetry. The other two, Threadsuns and Lightduress, had already been published and I had been waiting to complete the trilogy. … Read more Toby Litt on Celan's Breathturn

Paul Celan's Birthday

Paul Celan would be 87 today, had he not opted out in 1970 at age 50. 1920-1970: one version of the short twentieth century for sure, the core is war & destruction of people(s). There was no home-coming, no harbor for him. And yet, it is exactly in that meeting space of earth and water, the archipelagic space where the other can be, has to be met, that Celan … Read more Paul Celan's Birthday