Godston, Peyrafitte, Prevallet & Musicians @ A Gathering of the Tribes

Poetry-Sound-Music Intersections at A Gathering of the Tribes Saturday, December 4, 2010 (7-9 p.m.) You are invited to “Poetry-Sound-Music Intersections” at A Gathering of the Tribes– *    1st set: Kristin Prevallet (poetry) and Edmund Mooney (electronics) *    2nd set: Nicole Peyrafitte (vocals, poetry), David Boykin (reeds), Dan Godston (trumpet), and Tom Zlabinger (upright bass) DIRECTIONS: 6 to Bleecker or F,J,M,Z to Essex-Delancey; m1 to 5th & 1st Ave, m9 … Read more Godston, Peyrafitte, Prevallet & Musicians @ A Gathering of the Tribes

Sunflower, Weary of Time for Tuli Kupferberg

Ed Sanders, Stephen Taylor and Coby Batty, as a sort of Fugs Trio singing a song composed by Ed Sanders & based on William Blake‘s “Ah, Sunflower, Weary of Time” at the celebrations for what would have been  Tuli‘s 87th birthday on 28 September at The Living Theater in NYC.

Tuli Kupferberg Event @ Living Theater

the Living Theater presents: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TULI Tuesday Sept. 28,  7 pm until forever at the Living Theater   – 21 Clinton Street between Houston and Stanton ( F, J, M, G to Essex – Delancey stop or F to Second Ave. ) FREE and open to the public a cast of 100’s  including Videos by Thelma Blitz speakers, readers, musicians i.e. the Fuxxons, Judith Malina, David Amram, John Kruth … Read more Tuli Kupferberg Event @ Living Theater

Le Chicken Rapide…

Well, I was not going to post anything today — Sunday rest, I guess,  though there was little rest in fact: I spent the whole day correcting proofs for the Celan MERIDIAN — done now! Nicole was working just as concentratedly  & just now posted the results: her incredible Fast Poulet recipe with reflections on music. Go and check it out on her COLLECTAGES blog. It was a scrumptious … Read more Le Chicken Rapide…

Gaga-Inspired Ligeti Opera

This, via Openculture: Well, I had to remove the embedded video as it wouldn’t allow me to “pull” it on FaceBook — you can go & check it out here. in Music, Theater | September 9th, 2010 1 Comment OpenCulture is a great site, for all kind of Kulchur-Items! On a related note, don’t miss Christopher Walken reading Gaga’s “Poker Face”. It’s getting hard to dismiss the cultural influence … Read more Gaga-Inspired Ligeti Opera

Saturday Night Pleasures: Crothers & Bisio

It may have been hotter than hell at The Stone tonight, but after 5 minutes you knew that even if it was a July scorcher in NYC, the real heat was coming from the two musicians who were cookin’ onstage: Connie Crothers (piano) & Michael Bisio (double bass). A fifty minute set without interruptions, pure playing, pure impro-travelogue, exhilarating for the listener, but, or so it seemed to me, … Read more Saturday Night Pleasures: Crothers & Bisio

Houria Aichi @ Conference of the Birds

Quiet hot lazy Sunday after a week of too much food & drink. Resting, listening to Stephen Cope’s Conference of the Birds musical assemblages. Very much like the one dated 7/13/10 as it starts with one of my favorite singers, Houria Aichi w. l’Hijaz Car, before moving on into Charles Gayle w. trio (live in NYC, 1995); Ballake Sissoko (kora) w. Vincent Segal (cello) et al; Mihaly Dresch Quartet; … Read more Houria Aichi @ Conference of the Birds