Dead-Enders on the Potomac

Here are the opening paragraphs of a just published editorial on MERIP (The Middle East Report). You can read the rest of the excellent analysis here. From the Editors January 29, 2011 Every US administration has its mouthpiece in Washington’s think tank world, its courtier that will slavishly praise its every utterance. For the blessedly bygone Bush administration, that echo chamber was the American Enterprise Institute and the neo-conservative … Read more Dead-Enders on the Potomac

Diane Shammas on Helen Thomas

The shameful dismissal of journalist Helen Thomas for supposedly “antisemitic” remarks has passed more or less unnoticed or buried on the back pages. It is useful therefore that Counterpunch has just published an article by Diane Shammas on these matters. Here are the opening paragraphs. You can read the full article in Counterpunch: Helen Thomas: Freedom of Speech and the Zionist Albatross By DIANE SHAMMAS On January 8 the … Read more Diane Shammas on Helen Thomas

Alternate News re Israeli Acts of Piracy in International Water

The New York Times (the rag they call the “paper of record”) after 48 hours of holding its journalistic guns has come out blazing away… at the people attacked by Israeli commandos on the high seas in a blatant act of piracy, because, the NYT has “discovered” that the Turkish militants involved with the Free Gaza movement are supposedly not only horrible radical Islamic “fundamentalists” (as is of course … Read more Alternate News re Israeli Acts of Piracy in International Water

The Unholy Trinity of Capitalist Cyber-World-Wars

The map above is from Gizmodo, which starts its accompanying article (you can read in full here) with this para: It’s hard to grasp the breathtaking scale of the epic war between Microsoft, Google and Apple. Billions upon billions of dollars. Entire industries at stake. This is the board. These are the pieces.

Web 2.0 versus Control 2.0

Via Reporters Without Borders, here are the opening paras of an article on growing internet censorship in a range of countries. You can read the full piece here. The fight for free access to information is being played out to an ever greater extent on the Internet. The emerging general trend is that a growing number of countries are attemptimg to tighten their control of the Net, but at … Read more Web 2.0 versus Control 2.0

From Amtrack to the Feuilletons

Just returned via the Lake Shore Limited (Amtrack can be & often is excellent) from Chicago to New York.  So here, my way of checking some of the Kulchur news each week, namely the roundup as proposed by signandsight for the past week: From the Feuilletons Henryk Broder explains why being dubbed a “hate preacher” can feel like a compliment. Andrzej Stasiuk visits the bare patch of earth that … Read more From Amtrack to the Feuilletons

New York Times' Ethan Bronner's Conflict of Interest

The Electronic Intifada broke an important story about the New York Times, and Alison Weir has written the following commentary on it, posted on her blog. I felt the readers of NOMADICS would want to read this: New York Times’ Ethan Bronner’s Conflict of Interest: Conversation with Bronner and Alternative News Sources The Electronic Intifada has just broken the story that the son of Ethan Bronner, the New York … Read more New York Times' Ethan Bronner's Conflict of Interest