The Maghrebi anthology …

…or the book Habib Tengour & I kept referring to as Diwan Iffrikyia all the years we worked on it, & that UCP calls The University of California Book of North African Literature, has now its Amazon site, which does allow you to check out the table of contents and read some (20%, they say) of the texts while waiting for the copies to arrive (any day now! — though probably no longer … Read more The Maghrebi anthology …

American Hybrid on Reality Street

A week or so ago I posted a link to Peter Riley’s review of the American Hybrid anthology [here] in the Fortnightly Review; poet & publisher Ken Edwards has just published a piece on this review & anthology on his Reality Street site, which begins as follows: Is it all over? Posted by Ken Edwards on Friday, October 5, 2012 Under: writing Peter Riley, in his always interesting regular slot for The Fortnightly Review, … Read more American Hybrid on Reality Street

Peter Riley Reviews American Hybrid

Fascinating review of Cole Swensen and David St. John’s  American Hybrid anthology by Peter Riley in the British Fortnightly Review; first paras below:  IT CAN BE very difficult dealing as a reviewer with a body of poetry with which you feel you have been involved. This anthology collects poets mostly active from the 1990s to the present, with a few senior figures added, in what most people would recognise as a … Read more Peter Riley Reviews American Hybrid

A Wonderful Way of Having My Holidays Spoiled!

So here I was, barely set up in my Pyrenean retreat, the lousy Euro-weather just beginning to switch to summer warmth, when, whamm! here come the 750+ page proofs for  Poems for the Millennium, Volume 4: The University of California Book of North African Literature. They’ll keep me busy until I return to NYC (I’ll holiday there, then…) The great news in all this is, of course, that the anthology is … Read more A Wonderful Way of Having My Holidays Spoiled!

Jonas Mekas on Penguin Anthology

A letter from Kimberley Lyons: Dear friends,  Please click on the link and choose video diary link in the text to watch Jonas Mekas, with help of Vyt Bakaitis, herald the excluded works from a new anthology from Penguin.

Review of 4X1

An interesting review of 4X1 on Through the Skylight blog: The Future of Antithologies and the Joris Example Posted on March 6, 2012 by Daniel With poetry anthologies always determined by geography, genre, genus, gender, or group dynamics, it’s a joy to come across one that presents an odd assemblage of writers and unseen connections.  In 4 X 1 Pierre Joris, a Luxembourgian now residing in America, presents a strange cross-cultural, multilingual, quasi-temporal grouping that at first … Read more Review of 4X1

Missing from Dove Anthology

Clayton Eshleman sent the following list of important 20th century American poets missing from the recent Rita Dove edited Penguin Anthology of Twentieth Century American Poetry. As I know very well for having committed a few anthologies myself, exclusions are not only inevitable but also necessary: it is often who the editor leaves out that says more about where the editor is coming from or heading toward than the simple list … Read more Missing from Dove Anthology

Two Poems by Djibril Sall

Finally have internet in the mountains of the Pyrenees (the village of  Bourg d’Oueil, to be precise) & can try to get back to some normalcy of blogging. Working right now — as I’ve been doing for some two years now! — on the Maghrib anthology. Here are two poems by the Mauritanian poet Djibril Sall (born in the town of Rosso in 1939), translated from Sall’s French this … Read more Two Poems by Djibril Sall

from the “Diwan Ifrikiya” anthology: Salah Garmadi

Salah Garmadi (1933 – 1982) OUR ANCESTORS THE BEDUINS they are here no one can deny them no slogan can efface them they are the inherited majority depth coiled in maghrebian palms leaves untamable root the Moroccans still keep watch over the Tunisian street the Tunisians still fry doughnuts for the children of Bejaïa in Constantine a man of the people offered a sheep’s head and declared we are one … Read more from the “Diwan Ifrikiya” anthology: Salah Garmadi

Kaurab Magazine: Rothenberg Interview & Millennium Anthology Review

The latest installment of the English edition of the Bengali online literary magazine Kaurab has an lovely interview of Jerome Rothenberg by Mark Weiss as well as an excellent review of volume one of Poems for the Millennium by Tyrone Williams (oh, btw Tyrone, your inklings re Faber & Faber hit the nail on the head). Extracts of these can be read below. Kaurab is generally excellent — a … Read more Kaurab Magazine: Rothenberg Interview & Millennium Anthology Review