Bacteria, BP & Big Bucks

Well, Cloclo’s Kali Yug will have to wait until tomorrow, despite your baited breath, gentle readers, but the following seems important enough to disrupt the summer Beach Reading tales. Nicole — who is off to New Orleans to take part in fund-raising art & poetry activities meant to help alleviate ever so slightly the plight of the Gulf (click here for details) — sent me a piece of journalism … Read more Bacteria, BP & Big Bucks


JOIN US FOR A MOVING PROCESSION TO PROTEST THE 2010 ANNUAL NY GALA DINNER OF THE FRIENDS OF THE ISRAEL DEFENSE FORCES (IDF) NO to the IDF’s brutality! NO to the Occupation and Siege of Gaza! YES to the Goldstone Report! YES to Justice for the Palestinian People! Tuesday, March 9, 5:00 PM Meet at 53rd St and Lexington Ave Please let us provide the signs in order to … Read more A MOVING PROCESSION TO PROTEST IDF GALA DINNER


The Reuters picture above — of  a Palestinian  protester dressed as a Na’vi inhabitant of Pandora and using a plastic bag to avoid tear gas fired by Israeli border police during a protest in Bilin — comes from a series published by the Telegraph newspaper in the U.K. You can view the whole gallery here.

SPECIAL GAZA EDITION of Woodstock International

From Tarak Kauff, who had been part of the US delegation of peace workers trying to reach Gaza, but where turned back in Egypt, news of the publication of  THE SPECIAL EDITION GAZA of Woodstock International. “This is 20 pages of some of the best articles and pictures of Gaza, Palestine, the Gaza Freedom March, Viva Palestina and the Free Gaza movement.  For those who want to spread the … Read more SPECIAL GAZA EDITION of Woodstock International

Gaza Freedom March Blocked in Cairo

This post by Max Ajl via adbusters; more info can be found here and here. Swiss Free Gaza Action on December 27 The Gaza Freedom March (GFM) was conceived as a massive nonviolent mobilization to end the suffocating siege of the Gaza strip. It was to have seen 1,400 internationals from over 40 countries, including France, the United States, England, Germany, Canada, South Africa, Venezuela, the Philippines and Japan, … Read more Gaza Freedom March Blocked in Cairo

Conversation with Raoul Vaneigem

Alerted to this by Mak Thwaite’s excellent ReadySteady blog, here are the opening paras of Hans Ulrich Obrist’s recent interview with Raoul Vaneigem. You can read the full text on the Interactvist site here. Conversation with Raoul Vaneigem Hans Ulrich Obrist Hans Ulrich Obrist: I just visited Edouard Glissant and Patrick Chamoiseau, who have written an appeal to Barack Obama. What would your appeal and/or advice be to Obama? … Read more Conversation with Raoul Vaneigem